What a Pain in the Neck!

Lately, the political machinations in our country are giving me a pain in the neck. They go on and on. I know that many of you out there are sharing this experience. The problem is that I already have a stiff neck from an overzealous session at the gym. I had gained a little weight and thought an extra-long workout would do the trick. I think I should have a professional massage to loosen it up so I would not suffer for days. My husband said that he would rather do it, claiming that $100 for an hour is not worth it. What does he know? I scowled. He said that he can provide similar relief and apply the money to better purposes. Now, he is the pain in the neck. Ha! I have to convince him that the pro is worth every penny and that he does not have the trained touch, and this article from Higher Massage did the trick. They know just what to do without creating further injury. If your neck is really bad, a chiropractor may be the best choice. However, in my case the masseuse will do just fine. And so I booked an appointment. Here is what happened.

The masseuse said that I am in the right place and he works on people like me all the time. “I will have you walking straight and standing tall in no time flat.” I was relieved and impressed. After the wonderful session, I wanted to brag about it at home, but thought better of it when I saw my husband’s mood. Had he found out about it somehow; had he looked at my personal calendar? I think he just read my expression. He knows me that well. I must do something about this and practice a blank face so I don’t give away any more secrets.

After a few days of watching me zip around the house with no pain or strain evident, he seemed to have an epiphany. His own neck was sore from sleeping in a weird position and he wanted help. “Do you want me to do it?” I asked innocently, knowing where this was going. “No, of course not, you are plenty busy right now.” I was about to suggest my masseuse when suddenly he came up with the same idea himself. I was visual evidence of the efficacy of this solution. I promptly got out his number, dialed it, and scheduled my husband for that very evening.

There was no reluctance showing as my husband shut the front door. I sat and waited. He came back in a few hours with a big smile on his face. “My neck is better and I can stop taking aspirin,” he reported. “It is marvelous: only one session and I have relief. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, and helping me realize how stubborn I am.” Now it was my turn to smile.