Waterproof my Foot!

I love good conversation on line. It could be most any subject from politics to baking. I prefer, however, to discuss something that has pros and cons—a topic with a little meat on its bones. How about you? Are you starved for a serious and meaningful debate? We spend way too much time these days on pop culture and trivia. While it is fun and entertaining, it is not something you need to express your opinion about. It just is what it is. No fanfare. So let’s start talking.

Meanwhile, today’s blog is devoted to fakery and being taken. As a consumer, I have many stories to tell with negative endings. They are about bogus products, mostly bought on line. I am thinking first and foremost of the diet pills, cellulite reducing lotions, energy-boosting formulas, how to get rich quick in the stock market or real estate, and many more. Take your pick and I could go on and on. My latest run- in with an e-tail business had to do with a “waterproof” phone. I liked the idea of taking my mobile phone to the beach or letting it sit by me as I am relaxing at the pool. There is always the possibility of torrential rain as well. I bought something I thought was truly invulnerable to water. But when this waterproof gadget accidentally got knocked into a full sink and got wet, it didn’t work at all thereafter. It was useless and I had to replace it – with many complaints. I did get my money back only if I purchased the new one from them. I never saw that fine print. The company said that I didn’t read the directions and it was my fault. Why on earth do they make the instructions so complicated? What is the difference between waterproof and water resistant. Apparently I got them mixed up.

After this irritating experience, I started wondering about my Outdoor Light and Sound setup. They are not very old and haven’t been subject to the elements for more than a few times. Certainly, they got a lot of exposure to the rain and sometimes hose water when I needed to wash down the house. Sometimes they are dusty and laden with cobwebs. So far they are fine, but I am suspicious. I expect the sound to start crackling at any moment. Then there will be full failure. I went searching online and found this: https://www.outdoorlightandsound.com/waterproof-speakers-actually-waterproof/. Then, I called customer service to confirm. They assured me that they would be fine in any downpour. This is what an outdoor speaker is all about. It goes without saying that they are waterproof. Waterproof my foot!

What else is supposed to be invulnerable to water? A barbecue grill hood should allow for no leaks. A professionally built patio should have a sealed cover. A simple umbrella should resist the rain perfectly. A rain hat as well. A boat should spring no leaks if it has been constructed from waterproof materials. You have to learn to trust the manufacturers I guess.