The Value Behind Scientific Research

Funding for science and health issues is in danger of being drastically cut. I worry how this will negatively impact everyday lives because it will be harder to fund quality of life studies for things like wake up lights for better sleep, etc. Some scientists will go forward as best they can; but for many, without funding, it means the end of the line. We will have to make do with what exists and forego innovations and improvements.

Let’s take the example of sleep aids. I am thinking of wake up lights, sunrise alarms, and their many benefits. If you have trouble arising, you will value the behind the research for these products, which you can find here: You will want to support more effort to a very basic and pervasive human problem. While we have always had radio and sound alarms, they were not satisfactory in many cases. Then someone clever came along and devised the idea of waking up to an array of pretty colored lights in rainbow or other patterns. It was ingenious. I have to give it to the R & D department of these manufacturers. They must sit around saying, “how can we make a deep sleeper arise on time without pain and suffering?”

I can hear someone saying, “how about a simulation of a natural sunrise?” Wouldn’t that be a welcome addition to any alarm system, even a good one with pleasant sounds like birds chirping, crashing waves, or powerful waterfalls? There is something compelling about a sunrise even if it is faux. Any sleeper will respond with pleasure, get up on time, and make it to meetings or work without fail.

Many companies don’t have to depend on government grants because they have sufficient revenues. This allow this to push for progress. But there are other very creative people out there who need support. They may be working on better forms of personal care that fosters health and well-being. It is not fluff work by any means when you come up with a better way to use a heating pad, make an allergy-free pillow, or a better self defense flashlight that folds up in your backpack. It may sound trivial, but believe me, it is not. I use all sorts of things that improve my life on a day-to-day basis. Funding is limited and goes toward those who are most vocal. Let me speak on the behalf of the smaller businesses who are there to invent, create, and innovate.

Safety features on kitchen appliances are an example of household advancement. A vacuum that doesn’t snatch kids’ hands is a wonder. Chemical-free cleaning solutions are one of the best new products around. Childproofing gadgets make a mom’s life worry free. Irons and electric blankets that turn off automatically, portable home generators, tankless water heaters, and self-feeding pet food containers all have their merit. Why not novel wake up lights? They just starting to sync them with cell phones. So what is next?