Great Rally

With the state of the government and a controversial President, I have a lot to speak about these days. The media is going nuts, making me equally crazy and ready to voice my own opinion. I wonder if anyone can hear me amid the din. There are pros and cons on both sides making for a loud, raucous debate. When I had a chance to attend a public rally in a nearby town, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to express my concerns and discuss timely issues with other like-minded people. I took the weekend off to be able to take advantage of the event and discussion forums that followed. I wanted to immerse myself in the call for change as it is sorely needed. When it comes to politics, you can’t keep me down. I started immediate preparations.

I rented a house with a friend who also wanted to experience a public rally for the first time. She has always been curious having heard me recap several important ones. We would be close enough to walk to the venue and not have to worry about parking. Sometimes people can’t get to the event on time and just abandon their cars, blocking others from free passage. It can be a nightmare if it rains and I wasn’t going to take any chances. I had it all figured out. Comfortable waterproof walking shoes were in my backpack along with the rain poncho and collapsible umbrella I always carry. But the precaution was premature. It was a beautiful day if not a little brisk. We were outside for a long time and I took a chill after the sun went down and needed to go home to warm up. My feet were frozen stiff.

The house was cozy and comfortable and the temperature was a toasty 75 degrees when we arrived with scarves wrapped around our throats. My friend set it just before we left for the rally. The house must have a great electric heater with a very accurate thermostat. It also had a superior electric water heater system because I was able to take a long and very hot bath. It warmed me to my bones. There was plenty of hot water for my friend. You assume that you will have all the conveniences in a hotel, but not necessarily in a rented home. It was inexpensive for the two nights yet was clean as a whistle. It came stocked with all the right kitchen appliances, and to my great joy a coffeemaker.

We could have made dinner right then and there, but thought we would try a local restaurant. It was small and modest but the menu looked interesting. We wanted to “go local” in any case. It was full of rally attendees and friendly conversation was all around. We were happy to be allowed to join in. the entire weekend experience was wonderful and my friend promised to come with me the next time.