Fundraising Event

I am interested in national and local politics and spend considerable time keeping up and voicing my opinion. I don’t believe anyone should feel suppressed whether they are in the majority or minority. Sometimes, my interest takes various turns. In today’s blog, rather than rant and rave about presidential decisions in the news, I am going to tell you how I found a way to support a local candidate that concurs with my views. Rather than donate money, which would make the contribution limited, I decided to organize a fundraiser for the community. If I rented a great invitation mailing list, made up of people known to throw their hat in his ring, I knew I could make a lot more money than what I could afford to give on my own. My husband was in full agreement and we discussed ideas.

We looked into various venues and found that hotels and resorts are quite expensive. Anyone who has planned a wedding knows the significant cost. If we were to maximize our take, we would need to use our backyard. As it happens, it is quite large and contains a variety of useful appliances in the outdoor kitchen. We could easily prepare food for a crowd. Given the time of year and the taste of people in Kentucky, a barbecue would be perfect. My husband, having a little free time on his hands, volunteered to rent a MIG welder and make his own smoker. He has a lot of experience with this type of tool and read about them at There is nothing better than meat prepared in this traditional southern way. We could use the grill for vegetables and potatoes (little foil packets made of diced and seasoned spuds). Knowing how handy he is, I was thrilled at the prospect.

It took a few days for him to get it just right, but now we had a permanent new addition to our backyard facilities. Ribs, chicken, and brisket of beef would never be better. In fact, they would rival our best barbecue restaurants. It was important to start everything well in advance of mealtime. This much I know. I had never done it before and consulted with several savvy friends who set me on the right track. I would include a variety of meats to give people a choice. If they didn’t care for the smoker-produced flavor, we would have a variety of salads and interesting side dishes. I was lucky to have several volunteers from the candidate’s campaign office.

The event was a huge success and the food scrumptious. The smoker was worth its weight in gold—and it didn’t cost a penny—maybe a few dollars for supplies. It is amazing how a well-trained person can make almost anything. People were aghast when they found out that my husband had made the smoker. Next, he plans to make a Thanksgiving turkey roaster so that we can try the deep-fried method we see so often on TV. What a difference a MIG welder can make!